Protective material

Protective bubble

It is a flexible and transparent material used to pack fragile items. Evenly spaced air bubbles provide cushioning and protection for delicate and / or fragile items.

  • Form of presentation: in coils width 50cm, 1m, 1'20, 1'50, 1'60, 2'00m.
  • Bubble diameter: 10mm .
  • Standard weight: from 50gr / m² to 400gr / m².
  • Colours standard in transparent.
  • Wide transformation possibilities
  • Main applications: protection, packaging, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation ...
  • Some market sectors: automobile, construction, electrical appliances, electronics, removals ...


They are applied vertically or horizontally for the protection of corners in the packaging of the products.

    • Low minimum order
    • They stabilize the pallets, providing protection and reinforcement during transport and storage operations.
    • It allows to reinforce your pallets. Indispensable for better resistance to stacking. 


Closed cell non-cross-linked polyethylene (foam) foam coil. Also available in antistatic foam for application in electronics. Low density, light and flexible material. Resistant to water and humidity.

  • Measurements: 1.20-1.30-1.50-1.60 meters high
  • Different thicknesses
  • White colour
  • Recommended for the packaging of fragile materials, insulation or protection against abrasion

Filler chips

Filler material maximum protection in the form of worms from Porexpan

Ideal for the protection of materials such as: glass, lamps etc ...

Corrugated paperboard

Corrugated cardboard protects fragile surfaces from shocks without damaging them.

In addition, it serves to wrap heavy and bulky products for their protection.

Protect your products: solid and rigid medium channel cardboard, absorbs shocks and resists punctures

Fits your products: to pack and protect large products.

Kraft paper roll

Our kraft papers are manufactured 100% with long, virgin and natural fiber, becoming recyclable and biodegradable materials.

We have weights from 25 grms until 150 grms, Smooth or laid.

The wide variety of types, presentations and characteristics available allow its application in many processes for the industry in general, but above all, in packaging.

Some of these applications are:

  • Print
  • Manufacture of bags, sacks and envelopes
  • Base for gumming or laminating
  • Packaging.

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