Manual / Automatic Strapping

The main function of polypropylene strapping is to group boxes, pieces, light pallets, etc.

Thanks to the high quality of the product, it can be used in both manual and automatic systems. We offer the most complete range in sizes, colors, elongation capacity and coils in different formats. The main advantages of polypropylene strap are the following:

  • Lightness
  • Good tension reserve.
  • Does not rust

They are manufactured in various sizes and colors; such as White, Black, Blue, Green. We can manufacture in other colors on demand according to minimum quantities.

    Manual strapping machines

    Strapping of flat surfaces with polypropylene strap. This strapping machine is the first combination tool for fastening flat surfaces with PP strapping.

    It allows strapping packages, pallets and loads anywhere and at low cost. Its design and ergonomics facilitate the strapping operation quickly and with optimum safety.