Special Adhesive Tapes

In order to reach different sectors, in AL-CA, we have a wide range of Special Adhesive Tapes in different formats and measures as required. Always with the highest quality to give safety to your products.

Below, we offer you our most requested range of special and technical tapes in the market with the characteristics to be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Security Tapes

This line of tapes is tamper-proof, it guarantees recipients and senders the absolute protection of the merchandise and the security of the sealed packages. With each attempt to open the package, visible traces remain on the surfaces that have been tampered with.

Double Side Tapes

We have a complete range of double-sided tapes with different supports and adhesives, for all types of sectors and applications. We also have the necessary machinery to customize it according to your needs and sizes.

Product range features:

    • General use for all kinds of applications on different supports and adhesives.
    • Lamination with foams, felts and fabrics.
    • Automotive and related industry.
    • Construction and decoration.
    • White range, electrical appliances and electronics.
    • Farming.
    • Textile and footwear.

Reinforced Tape

The reinforced tapes are transparent polypropylene tapes reinforced with fiberglass filaments, which gives it a very high tensile strength, low or very low elongation, a very high closing force and a high thickness. There are two types, the longitudinal reinforced and the transverse reinforced.

They are used for closing boxes, strapping and reinforcing pallets and securing accessories, among other applications.

American masking tape

Complete range of products, in various colors. It offers a high degree of impermeability, very high adhesion, great comfort and ease of use. The backing of this adhesive tape is made of a waterproofed fabric, generally cotton with polyethylene or PVC. 

Product characteristics:

    • Good water resistance
    • Strong tag and resistance
    • Flexible
    • Recommended for low temperatures

Aluminum adhesive tape

Aluminum tapes are used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial bodywork, aeronautical industry or for the cold industry.

The main applications are:

    • Sealing of the joints in the air ducts.
    • Sealing of boiler containers as well as high pressure steam pipes.
    • Identification in applications that require a review of photoelectric devices.
    • Joints of thermo acoustic panels.
    • Panel sealing in aircraft construction.
    • Barrier against humidity.
    • Fixing the refrigeration panel coils in order to maximize the cooling efficiency.
    • Available in various micron ratings
    • Available in reinforced model and other color variants.


This tape is recommended to reinforce the strap of pallets or other packaging. It can be made in various colors on demand.

      • Made of mono-oriented polypropylene.
      • Available in various micron ratings

Other special adhesive tapes

We have other special tapes for specific sectors and applications.

Details of this type of tapes are:

    • Non-slip tapes
    • Reflective Tapes
    • Marking Tapes
    • Plastic tapes with paper for painters.